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Royal Zarasa Family

   Terrance was a college dropout when he met Tiffany in 2006. They built a friendship and this young couple married in 2007 and welcomed their first born child in 2008. Tiffany was a Homemaker, while Terrance worked as a direct care provider for the elderly and mentally disabled members of our community. Terrance later made a professional transition as a high school support teacher. While working at Simon Gratz high school Terrance went above and beyond his scope of work to serve as a youth mentor.


   Terrance and Tiffany recommitted to their educational aspirations, however caring for small children, working full-time hours, and being dedicated to their religious community rendered it too difficult for Terrance and Tiffany to re-enroll in college at the same time. Tiffany sacrificed for her husband and supported him to achieve whatever his heart desired. Terrance proved faithful in his religious studies and earned his credentials as a Sheik and Divine Minister of The Moorish Science Temple of America. Terrance also enrolled in Full Sail University in 2012 where he worked vigorously to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Cinematography.


   Tiffany discovered her passion for cooking as a toddler. She often spent quality time observing her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Eager to assist with picking greens and mixing cake batter, she longed for her time to run the kitchen. Tiffany prepared her first scrambled egg when she was only three years old.


Tiffany has completed coursework at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she learned many cooking techniques from some of the top culinary professionals on the East Coast. She loves to share her warm and comforting meals with her family and friends. Tiffany is a wonderful wife and mother of four young children, who has often put her own dreams and aspiration on the back burner while supporting others. One of her dreams is to own a successful chain of Food Trucks, and just as the journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step, so a fleet of food trucks begins with the first truck. 

What is Zarasa?

ROYAL ZARASA is a combination of all of Terrance and Tiffany's children names.



Royal is the youngest of the bunch and his name speaks to the  lineage of KINGS AND QUEENS that the Moors hail from. 


ZARASA  is a combination of the first two letters of each of the eldest three children names.


Zacharia is the baby girl of the family. Zacharia is a feminine form of the Hebrew male name Zacharias,

which was the name of John The Baptist's father. The name Zacharia means




Ramadan is the Owner's eldest child. Ramadan is the 9th month on the Eastern Islamic Calendar

and this is the holy month also known as The month of




Sakara is eldest girl of Terrance and Tiffany. Sakara is the name of the first pyramid built in Egypt.

This Egyptian Temple was the location where John The Baptist studied. The saying of this temple was that

none but the PURE IN HEART can enter. The name Sakara also means





Signs and Symbols

Royal Zarasa Logo

Lion and Lamb 

The lion and lamb is a symbol of PEACE and UNITY among everyone. The Lion is a symbol of the rulers and rich, while the lamb is a symbol of ordinary people or common folk.


Pyramid Temple

The pyramid is a symbol of ETERNITY. We placed the Mosque within the center of the pyramids to remind people that the pyramids were temples, and the temple is symbolic of the soul. 


Sun / Plate, Fork, Knife, and Spoon

The Sun is a symbol of light and truth. This is a commitment we are making to our customers to remain honest and faithful to delivering fresh products. The Sun also takes the shape of a plate surrounded by a fork, knife and spoon  which symbolizes our vow to serve our customers good food.    

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